Coeliac Societies

Most countries have at least one coeliac society.  They are a great source of information, whether you live in that country, or are just planning to visit.

For the foreign language sites, there is usually an English option or “information for tourists”, though often in smaller print!


New Zealand Coeliac New Zealand

Australia Coeliac Association of Australia


UK and Ireland

United Kingdom Coeliac UK

Ireland Coeliac Association of Ireland


North America

Canada Canadian Celiac Association

USA Celiac Disease Foundation


South America

Brazil Brazilian Celiac Foundation

Argentina Celiac Association of Argentina

Uruguay Celiac Association of Uruguay



Israel Celiac Society of Israel

Pakistan Pakistani Coeliac Society


Information Gluten Free icon


Refer to the Association of European Coeliac Societies (AOECS) for a full list.  Also Coeliac Youth of Europe

Andorra Celiac Association of Andorra

Austria Coeliac Association of Austria

Belgium Celiac Association of Belgium

Croatia Croatian Society for Coeliac Disease

Czech Republic Czech Coeliac Association

Denmark Danish Coeliac Association

Estonia Estonian Coeliac Society

Finland Finnish Coeliac Society

France French Association of Gluten Intolerance

Germany German Celiac Society

Greece Coeliac Greece

Hungary Hungarian Celiac Society

Italy Celiac Association of Italy

Luxembourg Luxembourg Association for Gluten Intolerance

Malta Coeliac Malta

The Netherlands Coeliac Association of The Netherlands

Norway Norwegian Celiac Disease Federation

Poland Polish Coeliac Society

Portugal Celiac Association of Portugal

Romania Association of Celiacs, Romania

Russia (St Petersburg) Celiac Society of Petersburg

Slovakia Slovakia Celiac Society

Slovenia Slovene Celiac Society

Spain Celiac Association of Spain

Sweden Swedish Coeliac Society


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