Our Story

Our son screamed.  And cried. And cried.  His first 9 weeks were hell as our poor baby cried for most of the day, and night!  Then I went dairy free and baby with colicmiraculously most of the crying stopped.  He was a settled baby, most of the time.

When did your baby sleep through the night?

Our other sons did so at 7 weeks and 5 months. But this one? Two and half years!!   Deep down I knew there was something amiss. We didn’t realise that the muscle pain in his legs was due to being a coeliac – it had been diagnosed as growing pains by our doctor. And his lack of concentration and absentmindedness we thought was just, well, him*.

By the time he was 5 years old we had changed doctors. He had the blood test and it came back negative.  We had tried him dairy free a few times but there wasn’t enough improvement in his health to make it worthwhile.

Diagnosis at last!

One night when he was eight, he had yet again come out after being tucked in. I heard myself saying “You’ve always got a stomach ache at bedtime, so go back to bed!”  When I thought about it, he often did.  Maybe it wasn’t just a case of playing up at bedtime.

So back to the doctor, and yet another blood test, this time it came back positive. Great to know what was wrong, but overwhelming as well.

This was followed by a biopsy which was inconclusive, probably because like a lot of mothers I subconsciously reduced the amount of gluten he was eating prior to the procedure.  Couldn’t bear to inflict pain!

Well, what an improvement going gluten free made!   But again, he was not completely well.  Six months later, our specialist trialled him dairy free as well. Which worked, thankfully.



* He’s a private lad who wishes to stay anonymous and is the one on the right having fun on camp!





And he thrived…

Almost nine years later, he’s grown into a tall, healthy teenager with a busy social life. He rock climbs, plays other sport, is doing well at school, goes on camps and hangs out with his friends.  The days of having to always send food with him are over.  His friends (and their wonderful mothers) provide GF food for him. And of course, there are far more gluten free options to buy than when we started.

And so this website

Over the years I’ve helped others, as I was helped in the early days. I’ve been through all the stages starting with denial, with a dash of panic, and now I’ve reached the acceptance and somewhat relaxed stage. The last time I was asked to set up a website so more people could benefit from my experiences, I thought, why not?  So here it is!

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